The Duration Weed Will Stay In Your System

Most of the time when you get interviewed for a job, your employer will require you to do a drug test just to be sure about you. This can be quite scary if you have has a history of drug use. Being a current user is even worse because your chances of passing the test are very slim. For you to ensure that you will ace the test, you first have to know what to expect and what your chances are. It is impossible to know exactly how long will be in your system but it can be approximated. This is done by looking into the tests that are done individually.

The first and most preferred test done is the urine test. This is what you should expect your employer to use unless otherwise. The urine test is the cheapest and the easiest to do so definitely it is the most popular. It is also very accurate because your urine is where everything that is not useful to your body goes. The longer and more frequently you have been using weed, the morelikely there will be traces of weed in your urine. If you used it that one time, it will take your body about a week to get rid of any traces.

The most common test used at road checks is the saliva test. This is because the traffic police are looking for the evidence of driving under the influence. This works well for this kind of check because all they need to know is if you have smoked weed within 24 hours of you driving. The saliva test will not work for someone who used a few days back because you can easily get rid of the evidence by taking a lot of water or brushing your teeth.

The most feared and rightly so is the hair test because it shows history of years of use. If weed gets your hair follicles, that's it because it is there to stay. The good thing about your hair is that you can decide to have it all off. If you only have history to deal with then you are safe but if you are using currently, it will definitely show in your new hair growth. The hair closest to your scalp is what is used as a sample for the test because that is what contains the evidence. Take a look at this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weed  for more information. 
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